finding my dose of #quarantainment

hi friends, firstly, I’d like to start this off by wishing everyone health & happiness during these tough times. This global pandemic has proved just how much we took for granted and how important it is to be thankful for all that we have in the moment. I hope you’re all staying safe, happy, andContinue reading “finding my dose of #quarantainment”

~ Bas’s at-home “Starbucks” drinks ~

I don’t have a problem with coffee. The reality of it is, I have a problem without it! As much as I love a Starbucks drive through or a sit down at a cafe with a friend, your coffee runs can add up and your wallet ends up suffering! Not to mention that leaving ourContinue reading “~ Bas’s at-home “Starbucks” drinks ~”

Who run the world? GIRLS!!!

Happy international WOMEN’S day to all my badass chicks out there ❤ I couldn’t let international woman’s day pass without reflecting on it. I feel my blog posts have grown in that I am able to share with you all my thoughts, opinions, and experiences and I am grateful to have a platform where IContinue reading “Who run the world? GIRLS!!!”

the importance of feeling supported

hi friends 🙂 this week’s blog post is all about recognizing how you feel the most supported, and surrounding yourself with people who are able to uplift and encourage you. I personally have realized that the older I get, the more CRUCIAL it is that I have a smaller, close nit group of people thatContinue reading “the importance of feeling supported”

~ LAST MINUTE Christmas Gift Guide ~

hey friends! I anticipated getting this up SO MUCH EARLIER THAN THIS – but alas, we experienced technical difficulties along the way! That’s okay, because I know there are plenty of y’all out there who have yet to finish your xmas shopping. Take a look at my gift guide, and hopefully this can help youContinue reading “~ LAST MINUTE Christmas Gift Guide ~”

What being an ADVOCATE taught me.

Advocate – “a person who speaks or writes in support or defense of a person, cause, etc.” When I first heard the word “advocate” I thought it sounded BIG. A little intimidating. Very official. But mostly like I had to know all the right answers in order to be one. I believe everyone is anContinue reading “What being an ADVOCATE taught me.”