finding my dose of #quarantainment

hi friends,

firstly, I’d like to start this off by wishing everyone health & happiness during these tough times. This global pandemic has proved just how much we took for granted and how important it is to be thankful for all that we have in the moment. I hope you’re all staying safe, happy, and doing your part to social distance! We are all in this together!

because times are weird, I think it’s important we all find our ways to stay sane & entertained (omg that rhymed #winning!). I have personally found self-care to be one of the most helpful things during quarantine. It keeps my mind off the stressful thoughts and news of the day, and allows me to destress and take care of myself!

that being said, self-care can be different for everyone! It does not necessarily mean you have to follow a 15 step skincare routine (exposing myself here…), or a bath time routine with bath salts and bath bomb listening to music while reading a book (ok seriously who reads a book in the bath I’d be terrified of dropping it in!). Your self care could be listening to your favorite album all the way through (or on repeat!), listening to an audible book, maybe painting your nails or baking a yummy treat. Whatever “it” is, your method of self care should ground you, release stress & anxiety, and sort of transport you to another world where you forget your thoughts & worries for a bit!

my self care looks different depending on the kind of day I’m having, but overall I’m really enjoying my morning and night skincare routine (check out my skincare routine video on my Youtube channel HERE!), listening to music, playing some games, finding fun new products to try (aka: lots of online shopping), and spending time with my family and pup ❤

along my journey of finding new products that bring me joy, I happened upon TheraBox! If you haven’t heard of TheraBox – it’s a self care monthly subscription box curated by therapists to help bring you a sense of calm. The best part is every box has 1 activity inspired by research to help rewire your brain for more peace & joy, with an additional 6 – 8 products geared towards wellness to promote relaxation & stress-reduction! Each box has over $100+ worth of goodies, and boxes start at just $35! Can you say #SELFCAREPLEASE?

As a Behavioral Cognitive Nuropsych major myself in college, I really related to their message of bringing more calm through wellness, and as someone who LOVES trying new products I couldn’t wait to give them a try! I wanted to share the goodies in the box I received, and show you guys just how amazing these TheraBox products are – plus, you can use my code “BASTHEBOSS” for 10% of your first purchase!

p.s – you can just click on *TheraBox* whenever you see it to check out their site!


There were so many goodies in this box! I’m going to delve into each product one by one and tell you ALL ABOUT IT, plus a cool feature of TheraBox is their “The Happy Shoppe” where you can purchase the individual products featured in their subscription boxes if you fall in love with them!

  • DIME EYELASH BOOST SERUM: oooh I love m some long lashes, tbh! Finding a good eyelash serum that is non-irritating is HARD! This boost serum retails for $38 and builds up your hair, improves the appearance of your eyelash or eyebrows, & is vegan, cruelty-free, and all the ingredients are a number 1 on the EWG scale (this scale analyzes and rates individual ingredients according to their toxicity)!
  • BUSY BEAUTY REFRESH HAIR KIT: this 2-step hair kit is kinda genius! While I’ve definitely used dry shampoo in the past, I had never known dry conditioner was a thing! This magic duo is safe for all hair textures and colors, and you can clean your scalp and hair with the dry shampoo & follow up with the dry conditioner to smooth your hair and add shine! Their portable sizes make it super easy to throw it in your gym bag, backpack, or purse for those busy days (after quarantine ends of course hehe)!
  • THAI HERBAL MASSAGE BALL: perfect for relieving stress & fatigue, improving circulation, boosting physical and mental morale, and more! This massage ball is especially nice during the cold months or for that post-workout soreness or pulled muscles! Spritz the massage ball with some water, pop it in the steamer or microwave for 2-3 minutes, and then let it cool and manage onto the desired area! It smells so amazing and truly gives you a little piece of the spa life right in the comfort of your own home!
  • SANDALWOOD ROSE QUARTZ CRYSTAL INFUSED ESSENTIAL OIL REED DIFFUSER: I LOVE essential oil diffusers! This one is super aesthetically pleasing too (#WIN!) but its an amazing way of getting rid of unpleasant smells too! This makes my office feel so ~ zen ~ and calming, which is a great way to make sure I get some work done!
  • PURE AURA DIAMOND DUST PEEL OFF FACE MASK: This mask is really fun to put on and take off! It’s super shiny and iridescent and the best part of it all is it’s super easy to take off and doesn’t hurt. My personal favorite part of my skincare routine is putting on a mask! I loved adding this one to my collection of masks hehe!
  • BROO MOODS CONNECT TOUCH SCREEN HAND CREAM: this hand creme by BROO MOODS is full of all the good stuff, none of the bad! Essential oils of jasmine & lime, barley, hops, shea butter & butterfly bush all combined to make a really nourishing hand lotion. The plus side? Non-streaky, no grease, & dries super fast! For someone who is either on my computer, phone, or iPad throughout the day this lotion is amazing because it won’t leave smudges on your screens & devices!
  • GRATITUDE JOURNAL: I am personally a writer – I love using pen and paper to get any feelings, thoughts, ideas, or opinions out! And this gratitude journal is amazing to spend some time writing in, maybe once you wake up or right before bed, to reflect on all the good that life has to offer!

Remember you can check out all of THERABOX’s fun products, including these, in their Happy Shoppe!

I loved receiving this box, so huge shoutout to Therabox for sending this to me! I am a huge proponent on self-care and doing things for yourself. This was an amazing way to remind myself that with everything going on, that is just as important to continue to do 🙂

ANDDDD don’t forget you can use my code “BASTHEBOSS” for 10% off your first Therabox box!

Make sure to tag me in your photos on instagram @bastheboss if you try TheraBox out for yourself 🙂



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