Who run the world? GIRLS!!!

Happy international WOMEN’S day to all my badass chicks out there ❤

I couldn’t let international woman’s day pass without reflecting on it. I feel my blog posts have grown in that I am able to share with you all my thoughts, opinions, and experiences and I am grateful to have a platform where I get to do that!

Being a woman is no easy feat, and I think that holds true today more than ever. We are constantly being judged, watched, looked at, and measured. We are always having to work twice or three times as hard to be seen at the same level as our surrounding male colleagues, and we constantly push ourselves to what seems like impossible ends.

To many men, we women are still seen as inferior. Not good enough. Not smart enough. Not worthy.

I may be a bit biased here, but being a woman is BADASS. We bring life into the world, we run companies, we are creative and intelligent (don’t call us smart, we’re intelligent) and we can do anything.

I think being doubted pushes me to prove people wrong. I get a rush from showing someone that I was able to accomplish everything and more that they may have not thought I could do.

I can be stubborn. I’m hardworking as hell. I push myself more than anyone else can. I dream big. I set high expectations for myself. I know that I can do whatever the hell I put my mind too because I am just as deserving as any man is. I want you to read that again. Okay, one more time. That’s how you should describe yourself too, and be proud of it.

Some men may label that as “cocky” or “egotistical,” but I ask them this; is it seen as “cocky” when a guy sets an intent goal on making partner at his job or “egotistical” when he describes himself in an interview as the hardest working guy he knows? NO. It’s seen as admirable. Then if it’s thought of as admirable for a man… hell it’s just as admirable for a woman and I don’t want to hear otherwise.

This international women’s day, I want to thank my biggest inspiration in life. I have an incredibly strong mother who taught me to always work my hardest and accomplish whatever I want in life. She taught me to love myself, to love others, to cherish life’s small moments and learn the true value of happiness and love. She showed me how to work hard, be humble, help others and give back to those in need. She showed me the importance of thinking before I speak, staying motivated, and remembering to reach higher every time I reach the next step. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her, and I couldn’t be more inspired by her strength, courage, love, and determination every day. I’m honored to be her daughter and I hope to grow to be the woman, mother, wife, daughter, and friend she is.

Right now, as you’re reading this, take a deep breath. Give yourself a pat on the back. Smile at the mirror and remind yourself what an amazing job you’re doing and what an incredible woman you are. Give yourself a hug. Now I want you to never forget that, because quite frankly you’re a fucking badass.



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