the importance of feeling supported

hi friends 🙂

this week’s blog post is all about recognizing how you feel the most supported, and surrounding yourself with people who are able to uplift and encourage you.

I personally have realized that the older I get, the more CRUCIAL it is that I have a smaller, close nit group of people that are in my corner rather than having a huge group of friends who I may grow distant from.

Feeling supported by your friends and loved ones may be difficult at first. Why? Because you have to find what actions allow YOU to feel supported. Everyone is different, and it’s almost like finding your love language, except it’s your “support language,” but through trial and tribulation you come to learn what you need most from friends and family.

Maybe you’re the kind of person who just needs someone to listen to you – you don’t need anyone to give you “solutions”, but you want a friend who will be there when you need to vent and air your frustrations.

Or you’re someone who likes to hear what someone else thinks – you like to bounce ideas off of your friends, get their opinion, and hear what they might do in your situation.

There are so many ways to be a supportive friend – just remember it’s just as important to have a circle of supportive friends as it is to BE a supportive friend, don’t forget about yourself as well!

Personally, I cherish those who stick around when the going gets tough. I think it’s more than easy to be there during the good times, but it’s much harder to find people who stick with you during the bad. Whether you’re going through a tough time physically, mentally, or spiritually, there’s nothing better than a text checking up on you or a phone call to let you know they’re thinking of you.

The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve learned what my “support language” is. I am someone who doesn’t mind having a few number of amazing friends. I have learned I am also a combination – I enjoy having meaningful conversations when I am upset or stressed, but I also need someone to let me vent for a couple of minutes – and then I need a good, belly-cramps, tear-jerking laugh! Most importantly, I have learned how to be there for others and to adapt to what my different friends may need so they may feel supported and uplifted.

It’s completely NORMAL to have bad days – I think social media can act as a fake lens where everyone looks happy and “perfect.” That couldn’t be further from the truth – having bad days is just as important as the good.

Tough times teach us just how strong we are and allow us to appreciate the good to the fullest when we experience them. Don’t ever be ashamed when you have a bad day, but remember not to dwell on it. It’s important to feel what you need to feel, but not to let it overpower you completely and cloud your outlook on life. Take the time you need to feel your emotions, and allow it to help you learn and move forward as a better version of yourself.

As someone who lives with diabetes, I’ve also learned how important it is to surround myself with other people living with type one who inspire me. My diabuddies all manage their diabetes differently and that’s the magic of it – we learn from one another, teach one another new things, and we are all there for each other when we feel like diabetes is getting the best of us.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my non-t1d friends! They are amazing and are always wanting to learn about diabetes and are the sweetest friends ever. My diabuddies understand the struggle better than anyone though, because they also go through it daily.

Diabetes can be lonely. You are your own doctor, nurse, nutritionalist, and encyclopedia at the same time. Trying to figure out the best way to balance your health and everything else a normal human being has on their plate – work, school, family and friends – can get so challenging! But having friends who understand the highs and lows makes diabetes so much easier and honestly – much more fun! Carve out the time to grab coffee with your diabuddies, have deep conversations, share your experiences and stories – remember we all have something to contribute to one another!

I’m thankful for my family, my friends, and my diabuddies. I’m thankful for the people who are there for me, make me happy and appreciative. I’m thankful for the love I am surrounded by and the support I feel. No matter what, I know I can get through anything because of that. Just keep in mind that when the going gets tough, remember those who love you and I promise it’ll bring a smile to your face ❤

What are you thankful for this year?! I’m especially thankful for all of you, and I hope you all feel the love in 2020 and beyond!



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