~ LAST MINUTE Christmas Gift Guide ~

hey friends!

I anticipated getting this up SO MUCH EARLIER THAN THIS – but alas, we experienced technical difficulties along the way! That’s okay, because I know there are plenty of y’all out there who have yet to finish your xmas shopping. Take a look at my gift guide, and hopefully this can help you cross out any of your last gifts you need!


For some reason, we take the rap for being the hardest to shop for… but have you ever tried shopping for a guy?! There are only so many colognes, watches, and ties you can get 1 dude! If you have a mother, wife, sister, grandma, friend that’s a girl OR a girlfriend, this is for them!

  • Jewelry 

By far my favorite gifts are always little pieces of jewelry that someone took the time to pick out for me! It’s the sweetest gesture – romantic or not – and it lasts forever. My best friend and I started this, and every time I look at it, I think of her! 

My favorite place for sentimental pieces that aren’t TOO expensive is Pandora. They have sets (my favorite gift to give), and individual charms if the woman in your life has a charm bracelet to add to! Take a look at some of my personal favorites below.

  • Insulated water bottle 

A great gift for either a girl or a guy – a good quality water bottle that keeps your water cold and tasting great is a great Christmas gift! The best part of this gift is that there are SO many options out there available from brands to colors to prints. 

Hydroflasks are some of the best (I’ve linked my favorite from them (24oz Standard Mouth in Watermelon!) and they have an option to customize a bottle in your liking of a design, but Amazon also has some really nice insulated bottles like this one. Plus, Amazon Prime shipping comes in clutch during the holiday season and I would definitely take advantage of that! 

  • Beauty/Skincare

            Always a great gift for the beauty lover in your life. This gift can be super customizable as well depending on how well you know what she likes – is she more into skincare or beauty products? If you know what brand she gravitates for, you can get her a little basket or holiday gift pack of a bunch of essentials from that brand! 

            Sephora has great gift packs – my favorite are from GlamGlow and Tarte. But other than that, if you don’t know what she may like, here are my personal favorite brands that I use religiously! They’re great for sensitive skin and have a wide range of products you can choose from: 

  • Glossier – Boy Brow and Balm Dotcom
  • Origins Skincare – Pore Clearing Moistuizer with Bamboo Charcoal and the Active Charcoal Mask 
  • Fenty – Fenty Glow Gloss Bomb (I use this just about every day!) and Trophy Wife Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter 
  • Urban Decay – any of their Naked eyeshadow palettes make amazing stocking stuffers! My favorite is the OG Naked2 and Naked Heat Palette 
  • Farmacy – Green Clean Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm and the Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask 

            The great thing about beauty and skincare is you can always get a gift card! That way she can choose whatever she wants and still love her gift ❤ 


  • Cologne 

Guys cologne is my favorite thing to shop for! There are soooo many options but the scents are amazing, and they come in great gift packs or travel options too! Depending on the type of guy you can get a scent that’s heavier or lighter, and many colognes have a corresponding after shave as well! Here are some of my favorite ones: 

  • Dress shoes 

 A guy will always need a nice pair of dress shoes – weather for a job, an interview, a fancy event, or a party. Plus, they never go out of style and come in so many styles and colors.

The great thing is you can get them from all sorts of price ranges! Depending on how often the guy you’re shopping for uses dress shoes, you can tailor what kind of dress shoe you need for him. 

  • Grooming Products  

You get a guy cologne – why not get him some nice shaving accessories!? Guys only have so much of a facial routine and shaving and taking care of their facial hair is definitely a big part of theirs! Get him a shaving kit and you’ll have covered each process in his shaving routine!

  • Athletic wear

Athletic wear for guys is so underrated! A great gift idea for the guy in your life who lives and breathes at the gym OR the guy who believes in comfort over everything. Lululemon has amazing quality men’s wear, and they’re super breathable. You can order online and pick up in store with Lululemon which is amazing if you’re shopping last minute. My other two top favorites are Adidas and Nike, because you can put them through anything, throw em in the wash, and they come out looking brand spanking new again!

Adidas is having a 20% off all sale items with the promo code 20EXTRA so make sure to look at their sale item while you’re at it!

  • Watches 

ALWAYS a good idea – watches are timeless. Especially with how technological watches have become, you can get him a smart watch, a water-sport friendly watch, or a good old-fashioned elegant watch! My favorite brands are Fossil, Bulova, and Seiko. 


Cooking accessories and utensils make me SO. HAPPY. Is that what #adulting feels like? I picked myself up some of these for Black Friday and I LOVE THEM! You can never have enough cooking tools in my opinion, and these are the ones I’ve been obsessing over lately – they make cooking time easier and faster!

A Kitchen Aid stand mixer is a pricey gift, but I can ASSURE you it pays off. In my house, we use it for cookies, homemade breads, cakes, and ice cream! There are so many additional attachments you can buy to make pasta, veggie noodles AND rolls, ground meats, juices and so much more!

I recommend getting these either directly from the KitchenAid website or Macys! Why Macy’s? They have in store pickup for almost every product and you’re most likely going to be able to get a deal on Macy’s than anywhere else (currently almost all of the kitchen aid attachments are 40% off!!!!) We love a good deal 🙂


I have each and everyone one of these products below so I can attest to how much I love them! They make amazing gifts, and truly make life with type one diabetes more fun!

Sleek Treat Snack subscription box

As a t1d, I take a lot of consideration into what snacks I eat and buy. It can be super duper hard because there are just SO many DANG carbs in snacks nowadays! Sleek Treat is a subscription box that comes to your door every month curated with different snacks that are low carb, low calorie, and a lot of times keto or vegan friendly! I love how I get to try new brands every month! Def a great gift if you want to send someone a box to try out 🙂

PIP Lancets

WOW – these lancets are game changers. They are absolutely PAINLESS, are super customizable, easy to use and they’re ONE USE! That makes them super easy to throw in your car, backpack, purse or gym bag and then discard after you’re done!

The starter kit comes with all three lancet sizes, and its easy to figure out which one works best for you! If we have to check our blood sugar, why make it painful when you can just use PIP!?

p.s – best part yet? You can order your PIP lancets on AMAZON! BRB ORDERING THEM IN BULK WITH PRIME SHIPPING, DUH!

KYT Bags

The cutest bags that make it fashionable and trendy to carry your diabetes accessories and supplies. No one would know looking at a KYT bag that it’s made to cary all your diabetes necessities – it’s THAT CUTE! Amazing material that stands the test of time, is super easy to clean, and they come in adorable colors! This would be #1 on my Christmas list and would make an incredibly thoughtful gift!

MY ID medical tags, bracelets, and necklaces

I never used to wear a medical ID. I thought they were bulky, too noticeable, and would call out that I have diabetes. But as I got older, I knew how important wearing a medical ID is, you never know when an emergency might happen.

MY ID medical ID’s are super stylish, discreet, and come in all styles and colors. I wear my iWatch sleeve every day and it makes me feel at rest knowing paramedics and emergency personnel can help me if they need to. You can also list your medications, allergies, and other important information in the My ID app on your mobile phone for easy use!

I hope this last minute guide helped my fellow last minute shoppers out there! Remember, Christmas and the holidays are about love, family, and quality time – so don’t get all wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of shopping and instead spend quality time with those who matter most! I love you all and thank you for coming along with me on another year! I wish 2020 brings us the best of luck, prosperity, good health, and happiness yet ❤



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