my go-to COFFEE orders

hi friends!

I scream, you scream, we all scream… FOR COFFEE! I am a HUGE coffee fan, but not (solely) for the caffeine! There’s something about sipping on a yummy cappuccino or velvety iced latte that makes me so happy! Anyone else with me?! No? … okay then 😉

Since I love coffee so much, I figured what better way then to show you guys my go to orders in a blog post! Maybe I’ll do a separate blog post about my at-home concoctions… !!!

La Columbe Coffee

This has quickly become my FAVORITE coffee shop! It’s based in Boston, and as of right now they have locations in 5 cities across the US – Boston, California, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. Check them out HERE and if you can’t find a location near you, you can shop their brewing selections and try them at home HERE!

  • Oat milk Draft Latte: the creamiest, fluffiest, yummiest latte you’ll EVER drink. I’ve gotten alllllll my friends and family hooked to this drink, because it’s that delicious. The lightest, plant based latte that combines cold brew and oat milk – and packs so much flavor!
    • vanilla: 14g carbs
    • OG draft latte: ~6g carbs
  • Lemon Nitro Cold Brew: For those of you who may not know what nitro cold brew is, it’s cold brew that’s infused with nitrogen, to give it an extra PUNCH of caffeine and power. It’s a veryyyy strong drink, but I love strong coffee. The lemon nitro cold brew (NCB) is such an amazing way of incorporating a citrus twist into your coffee, and being pleasantly surprised with every sip. La Columbe also does a grapefruit flavor in their line of NCB cans!
    • ~6g carbs
top R: decaf cappuccino
middle left: regular capuccino (sweetened w/ natural agave)
bottom right: lemon nitro cold brew
  • Cappuccino: ooohhhhhmaaaagooshhh – I am the biggest sucker for a foamy cappuccino that comes in a pretty cup and is bigger than my hand. That’s how all the cappuccino’s are in Europe, and my last trip to Paris was me gorging on all the cappuccino I humanly could in 2 weeks. I get mine unsweetened (I drink all my coffee unsweetened for the most part) – and I am always on the hunt for an authentic cappuccino near by.
    • unsweetened: ~10g carbs
    • sweetened: ~15g carbs


  • Starbucks Doubleshot: An iced drink made with espresso shots and milk. I personally ask for blonde espresso shots (more caffeine!), no sweetener, and a splash of half & half! YUM!
    • 8-10g carbs
Starbucks Doubleshot w/ blonde espresso, splash of half & half, no sweetener
  • Iced White Mocha: A flavored espresso drink with white mocha sauce and milk. I customize it by adding blonde shots, only asking for 2 pumps of white mocha in a venti, and 2% milk.
    • ~15g carbs
iced white mocha (4 blonde shots, 2 pumps WM)
  • Iced Carmel Cloud Macchiato: this drink is basically espresso on clouds! A twist on the OG macchiato, this drink has fluffy layers of foam, cascading espresso shots, caramel drizzle and vanilla syrup (*contains eggs). I personalize this drink quite a bit to ensure it doesn’t have TOO much sugar by either subbing in just the vanilla flavor (not the actual sugar syrup) or not adding vanilla and asking for light caramel drizzle!
    • 2 pump’s of vanilla, light caramel drizzle: ~25g carbs
    • no vanilla, light caramel drizzle/2 vanilla, no caramel: ~15g carbs
carmel cloud machiatto (1 pump vanilla, blonde shots)

Hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and all of the yumminess included!! It has me itching to get a cup of Joe right now 😀 Coffee is my favorite thing ever, and I’m pretty notorious for being addicted to it, so I’m super glad I was able to share all my go-to orders with you guys!!



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